Rare Walnut Tree Wood Coasters with Bark 4-Pack



Very Rare Walnut Tree Wood Coasters with Bark (4-Pack or 6-Pack). These coasters won’t last long and are of a very limited quantity so be sure to get your order in before it’s too late! 3-4″ diameter x 1/2″ THICK. Our artisan ‘Manmade Woods Coasters’ include its natural in tact and sealed with a clear shiny coat of durable sealant. They’re all handmade in our work shop ensuring the highest quality. Each coaster is unique as they hold the natural lines of the tree’s from the Wisconsin woods. We slice up the branches into coasters and hand sand each one to be incredibly smooth. Then we coat the whole coaster with multiple layers of high grade polyurethane ensuring they’re water proof and the bark stays true. These make great gift ideas for corporate events, weddings, save the dates, thank you or just because! Since every tree is unique, your coasters made vary slightly from the picture shown.

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