Spode Blue Italian 12 Piece Set


Spode Blue Italian 12 Piece Set

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Introduced in 1816, Spode’s Blue Italian dinnerware is a classic that has remained popular among collectors and diners throughout the centuries. This 12-piece set is ideal for daily dining that are all dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Referred to as “transferware,” the elaborate pattern is engraved by hand onto copper plates and then transferred onto the ceramic by skilled artisans using blue underglaze–a process that was perfected back in 1784 but is still carried out today at the original Spode factory in England. Influenced by a ink and wash drawing from the 17th century, Blue Italian pictures Roman ruins within a pastoral setting in the center of the dinner and salad plates and around the exterior of the mugs. A fantastic floral border on the rims of the gently s


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