Hawaii issues warning for 'explosive eruption' of volcano as 18th fissure opens

  1. Hawaii issues warning for ‘explosive eruption’ of volcano as 18th fissure opens  ABC News
  2. 17th fissure emitting steam and lava leads to more evacuations on Hawaii’s Big Island  CNN
  3. New fissure raises concerns about violent Hawaii volcano explosions  USA TODAY
  4. As Hawaii volcano erupts, let’s remember that California has at least 19  The San Diego Union-Tribune
  5. Once the lava stops, rebuilding and futures uncertain in Hawaii  NBCNews.com
  6. Full coverage

Source: https://news.google.com/news/section?cf=all&pz=1&q=gift%20ideas&siidp=fd7f8cb614a62358a2de45df2d5e5d0177f7&ict=ln

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